MZI Series Installation & Operation Manual (240009908) 6.2 mb PDF

MZI MHA18D00 Specification & Submittal
(240010053) 1.3 mb PDF

MZI MHA24D00 Specification & Submittal
(240009915) 1.3 mb PDF

MZI MHA36D00 Specification & Submittal
(240010054) 1.3 mb PDF


EnviroAir Full Line Brochure
(240009917) 4 mb PDF

FSR/SZI/MZI Series EnviroAir Sell Sheet
(240010042) 3 mb PDF

Heat Pump
15.6-16.5 SEER Inverter Technology
9K, 12K, 18K, Btuh Systems
Zones Available
208V-230V Applications
2, 3, 4 Zone Systems
Remote Control Convenience - All EnviroAir models come with a hand-held Infrared Remote Controller with an easy-to-read LCD display. Factory-installed operating features provide the capacity to set temperature, louver control, fan speeds and much more.

'Follow Me' Technology - A mode that activates a temperature sensor that is built into the IR remote control. When you stay close to the remote control, the unit will continue to condition the space until you are comfortable.

Factory Installed Low Ambient Kit - Allows the system to operate effectively in low temperature climates even if outdoor temperature reaches 5° F. This feature is important when providing cooling to such areas as mechanical and data/computer server rooms.

Turbo Mode - Air conditioner will maximize the output of cooling and heating capacity, making the room cool down or heat up rapidly and attain the desired temperature in the shortest time.

Auto-Restart - If the system breaks off due to power failure, it will restart with the previous function setting when power is restored.

Auto-Level Swing Louvers - When in cooling mode, the louvers self-adjust into a hotizontal position and circulate cold air more efficiently. When in heating mode, the louvers deflect the hot air downward so that it will rise and circulate keeping the room pleasantly warm.

24-Hour Timer - Set a wide variety of timer-based operations, start and stop at specific times, control fan speed as well as cool, heat and auto from anywhere in the room.

Sleep Mode - Enables the system to gradually decrease cooling or heating output automatically during the night operation to maintain sleeping comfort level while also saving energy.
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