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EnviroAir Ductless Split Systems
FSR Series
EnviroAir Single Zone Cooling Systems
SZI Series
EnviroAir Single Zone Heat Pump System
MZI Series
EnviroAir Multi-Zone Heat Pump Systems

EnviroAir Ductless Air Conditioners are designed for extra quiet operation and cooling comfort. With compact dimensions, they're perfectly suited for any interior application. EnviroAir systems utilize highly advanced features, the latest technology and quality components to ensure the ultimate in comfort and economical operating efficiency.
E-verter Variable Speed Ductless Split Systems
S1CV & S1HV (E-verter)
Variable Speed Single Zone Split System Condensers
CAHV (E-verter)
Variable Speed Ceiling Cassette Split System Air Handlers
WLHV (E-verter)
Variable Speed High-Wall Split System Air Handlers
UNHV (E-verter)
Variable Speed Universal Ceiling-Suspended &/or Floor Mount Split System Air Handlers

EMI E-verter split systems include an inverter driven compressor system which modulates the amount of energy required to cool or heat selected spaces. This inverter feature saves energy and operation costs while providing precise comfort control.
ComfortWave Chilled/Hydronic Ductless Air Handlers
ComfortWave Chilled Water High-Wall Air Handlers
ComfortWave Chilled Water Ceiling-Suspended Air Handler
EMI Fixed Capacity Ductless Split Systems
Fixed Capacity 13SEER Single & Dual Zone Side-Discharge Split System Condensers
Fixed Capacity 13SEER Split System Top Discharge Multi-Zone Condensers
Fixed Capacity 13SEER Ceiling Cassette Split System Air Handlers
Fixed Capacity 13SEER Universal Ceiling-Suspended/Floor Mount Split System Air Handlers
Fixed Capacity 13SEER High-Wall Split System Air Handlers

EMI’s Ductless Series line is specifically designed to meet the needs of the North American HVAC market. With exceptional performance, operating efficiency, and EMI exclusive features – the EMI Ductless Series is the number one choice for “Comfort Where It Counts.”
Enviroair PTAC's
PTAC 1642
Enviroair PTAC
16”x 42” Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps

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